Featured artist: illustrator Chloe Joyce September 29 2021, 0 Comments

After discovering the whimsical world of Chloe Joyce, a Sydney based illustrator, we couldn't help but reach out to have her collaborate with us on a series of artworks for our store front banner. 

Her works often depict many of life's simple pleasures. We found ourselves resonating with the figures relaxing in those peaceful moments, often accompanied by the beauty of nature.

Banner artwork 1:

'Barrister made coffee' artwork features:

Baxter pendant light

Olive tree pendant light

Banner artwork 2: Lounging with plants

'Jungalow' artwork features a selection of our botanical lights:

Ritz Single Head Pot Plant Wall Light

Hanging Garden Plant Pendant Light

Hanging plant vase pendant light in brass

Banner artwork 3: Groovy bartender

'Drinks after work' artwork features:

Opal pendant light

Cradle pendant light

You can find more of Chloe Joyce's artworks at her website: http://www.chloejoyceillustration.com/