Geometric Cage Minimalist Pendant Light

$139.00 USD

This designer simple and minimalist geometric cage light is inspired by construction site lighting, adapted for a contemporary environment. The industrial appearance of the steel cage designed to protect the bulb allows a flood of ambient light to illuminate any workspace. Perfect the look with any Edison filament bulb. 

Number of bulbs 1 (sold separately)
Power Up to 60W, 110 - 240V
Fitting type E27 Screw on
Material Steel
Colour White or Black
Model A

Model A 30cm * 28cm, Black

Model A 50cm * 42cm, Black

Model A 30cm * 28cm, White

Model A 50cm * 42cm, White 

Model B

Model B 30cm * 28cm, Black

Model B 30cm * 28cm, White

Model C
Model C 50cm * 52cm, White
Model D

Model D 35cm * 38cm, Black

Model D 52cm * 52cm, White

Total package weight 2.6 - 4 kg

This light is compatible to be used in:

USA 110vCompatible 110volt. This light is certified

EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt. This light is certified

AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt

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