LED Track Spotlights TYPE 01 - pack of 3 units

$63.53 USD

Made from high quality material and the nature of long lasting LED, this light and the electronics are built to last for years of constant use. Available in two colours, two colour temperatures of light, and four power ratings.

Number of bulbs 1 per head
Power 220 - 240V
Colour Black or White
Colour temperature Cool white, or warm white
Dimmable? No
Measurements - 3 watt model: 54mm (diameter) x 100mm x 110mm - 0.4kg each
Measurements - 7 watt model: 70mm (diameter) x 125mm x 140mm - 0.5kg each
Measurements - 12 watt model:  100mm (diameter) x 190mm x 170mm - 0.8kg each
Measurements - 18 watt model: 120mm (diameter) x 200mm x 170mm - 1kg each

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