Plumen Replica Fluorescent Bulb Designer 13W light bulb (3 or 6 pack)

$81.00 USD

The Plumen Replica Fluorescent Bulb is an attractive, sculptural, energy saving bulb.  Plumen was the world very first designer lighting energy saving bulbs.  The name ‘Plumen’ originated from the plume of decorative feathers on a bird and ‘Lumen’ the unit measurement of brightness.

Number of bulbs Available in 3 or 6 pack
Power 13W, 220 - 240V
Fitting type E27 Screw in
Material Clear glass & brass base finish
Colour temperature Warm
Measurements 10cm diameter, 19.2cm heigh
Lifespan 15000 hours
Total package weight 1.1kg (3 pack) / 1.9kg (6 pack)

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